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Module 1: Introduction to Game Theory

After completing this module, a successful applicant will have a good understanding of:

Real life Games, identification of the players involved, the various strategies that can be used, payoffs and the complete or incomplete information and understanding of the following concepts:

- Nash Equilibrium
- Zero Sum Game
- The Prisoner’s Dilemma
- The Centipede Game
- Traveler’s Dilemma
- Limitations of Game Theory
- The application of Game Theory in Real Life Situations
- How Game Theory can be used for Conflict Resolution

Module 2: Peace Building

It shall allow a successful applicant to have a good understanding of:

- Peace and Conflict
- Violence and types of Violence
- Stability and Instability
- Conflict Analysis
- Tools of Conflict Analysis
- Communication for Peace Building
- Stakeholder’s Analysis and Mapping

Module 3: Social Cohesion

After completing this module, the applicant should be able to have a good understanding of:

- Social Cohesion
- Its Principle Dimensions
- Key Components of Social Cohesion
- Mainstreaming of Social Cohesion
- Elements of Social Cohesion
- Human Rights and Social Cohesion
- Governance and Social Cohesion
- Social Cohesion and Peace Building

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