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Are you sensitive to the social issues in your surroundings? Do you think these problems affect you and your family like everyone else? But you don’t just want to sit there like a mere spectator?

Then it's time to take control and solve these problems like a PRO!

Individualland is here to guide you to become a problem solver, thinker, strategist and peace builder. Our Game Theory's Suljhao Course will revolutionize the way you think and approach problems every day both at the individual and the social level. Have you heard this term before? If you haven’t, then let us simplify it for you. Game Theory is your problem-solving tool/technique or a set of tools or techniques that can help you devise strategies to solve social problems in the most effective way possible. In the captivating world of GAME THEORY, different parties/players/stakeholders engage in a mind-boggling competition of wit and strategy. The 3 Cs and 2 As of Game Theory are the basic steps that help you achieve the ultimate GAME
  • Competition
  • Compromise
  • Cooperation
  • Avoidance
  • Accommodation

So get ready!

And step into real-life situations, where individuals, political factions, states, and other players come alive. Each of your moves and strategies will decide who wins the GAME.


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