The world has changed. Even in the 0.5 seconds that it took you to read this. We need to invent and re-invent, Ourselves, Our solutions. Challenges are getting more complex and standard rote learning for which we got degrees won’t work.

ilearn@IL is an attempt to do that. Don’t know if it is a successful attempt or not. It’s up to you. We can only introduce new ideas. What you make of them is your choice. If you want to know how to become a leader click on Leadership Courses which are hybrid courses being conducted since 2013. 3 weeks of the course is online. The lucky top 15 are invited to attend the all-expenses paid in-person 4 days course in the hills of Pakistan. Graduates of this course for ilearn@alumni which is our first stop for job recruitment, nominations for events national and abroad and much more.

Shout out to our funding partners Friedrich Naumann Foundation who have been supporting our hybrid leadership courses since the beginning! The beginning was 11 years back!

Conflict exists within and around us. Internal conflict effects mental health. External effects our physical being. Both need to be addressed. Not all conflicts can be resolved. What to do? Since you can’t wish them away, we bring the Deconflicting course to you. Brand new from the ilearn@IL is this massive online course focusing on unpacking conflict through Game Theory. Just what is that exactly? Join the course to find out.

Is ilearn@IL our only passion? No. We have been working since 2007 to create space for individual ideas, innovation and amplify all citizens voices. Don’t want to bore you so please click on Individualland.

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