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Our Online Course 2021

Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills for Youth.

In 2021, the world is still navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic seeking relief and recovery from the virus. Many countries have been hit with more fatal second and third waves propelling the governments to take stricter SOPs’ and lockdown measures, alongside administering vaccines. Nevertheless, the pandemic has had a devastating impact on life, societies, and economies around the world.

Under these circumstances, businesses have been hit with major ups and downs. While big businesses with financial and technical resources have managed to get back on track; small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs have seen major setbacks. In this on-going crisis, it is pertinent to acknowledge that these small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs play an important role in keeping communities resilient through their innovative start-ups and interventions at community levels.

Through our online course, this year, we seek to navigate through the challenges faced by youth to become effective entrepreneurs in a crisis situation such as the on-going pandemic. The course focuses on exploring the skills and opportunities available and accessible to youth in the entrepreneurial sector in Pakistan. The online course is based on 4 modules namely, leadership & effective entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship in COVID19 era; Space of Youth-led entrepreneurship & Innovation; and How to build successful entrepreneurial ventures. Each module has a set of questions and recommended readings to assess the participants’ knowledge regarding the topics. We wish you best of luck! Stay safe.

What is online/offline course?

The online-offline course is happening since 2012, which has two parts:

Online Part

Online course is an Online Course that allows participants to take part in a quiz / competition without going to a class room. All a person needs to do is to open up the questions and modules on their computer screens, sit, understand question, do research and answer the questions of modules according to given instructions. There are no restrictions on methods of research. You can do research from anywhere, using internet, by quoting local and personal examples. Your answers can help you to qualify for the offline course, but please ensure no plagiarism, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Offline Part

The offline part of the course is based on training and capacity building of top 20 participants from the online part of the course. The training and capacity building program spans over a period of one week during which the participants are engaged to improve their communications and leadership skills. The offline course takes place in the picturesque valley of Murree where the participants are provided with the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life to spend some quality offline time.

Online course start date: 26th July, 2021

Modules and deadlines:

Each module contains 2,3 or 4 questions, and there are few days for each module. Submissions after deadline will not be entertained.

Module#1: from 26th July to 28th July, 2021.

Linkage between Leadership and Effective Entrepreneurship

This module explores how the two skills, “entrepreneurship” and “leadership” are interlinked for executing effective entrepreneurial interventions. It encompasses the aspect of youth leadership in bringing out innovative ideas and utilising contemporary tools for effective interventions.

Module#2: from 29th July to 31st July, 2021.

Entrepreneurship vis-à-vis COVID19 era from Youth’s Perspective

The second module looks into the challenges posed by the on-going pandemic to the entrepreneurial ventures, and what the entrepreneurs can do to overcome these challenges. It entails the aspect of sustainable entrepreneurial ideas and design.

Module#3: from 1st August to 3rd August, 2021.

Space for Youth-led Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Pakistan

This module explores the space for youth in the entrepreneurship sector in Pakistan; the opportunities available for youth, and the new opportunities youth can create within the entrepreneurial space.

Module#4: from 4th August to 6th August, 2021.

How to build Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures

This module gives the participants an opportunity to give an outline of their own entrepreneurial ideas that caters to communities during the pandemic.

Word limit for each question 300 to 500 Words.

After appearing in the online course, top 15 participants are selected and are allowed to participate in a week long offline course to be organized in the picturesque valley of Murree near Islamabad. Exact dates of the offline course will be shared once finalized.

Who can apply?

From age 16 to 30

Last date to get in?

Sign up before 25th July, 2021, and sign in for the modules, which will lead you to the offline course.


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“The online course 2020 helped me in enhancing my critical thinking and writing skills. It was fun attempting the modules especially during the lazy lockdown days!”
--Taimoor Siddiqui--

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“I have always enjoyed researching and writing critique on Freedom of Speech & Right to Information; this online course 2020 has given me the platform I needed!”
--Moiz Nizamani--

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“Participating in the online course 2020 was one of the best decisions I have made in life! The course was very informative and thorough. The best part is, if you get to the top 20, you become a part of the offline course which is a fun mix of research, creativity and learning.”
--Hoorab Ansar--

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