The world has changed, even in the 0.5 seconds it took you to read this. So many changes take place around the world in seconds and milliseconds. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves and our solutions in order to remain competitive. Challenges are getting more complex and standard rote learning and our degrees are not providing the required solutions.

ilearn@IL is an attempt to offer capacity development to those who want to play a role in this fast-changing world. The success or failure of this attempt is totally up to you. We are trying to introduce new ideas. What you make of them is your choice. If you want to know how to become a leader click on Leadership Courses which are hybrid courses being conducted since 2013. Three weeks of this course are online. The lucky top 15 are invited to attend the all-expenses-paid 4-day course in Pakistan. More importantly, graduates of this course i.e. ilearn@alumni remain our top priority for job recruitment opportunities, nominations for events national and abroad, and much more.

Conflict exists within and around us. Internal conflict affects our mental health, while external conflicts can affect our physical beings. However, both types of conflict need to be addressed. It is critical to understand that not all conflicts can be resolved. So what should be done? Since you can’t wish them away, we bring the Suljhao Course to you. Brand new from ilearn@IL is this massive online course focusing on unpacking conflict through Game Theory. Game Theory focuses on the interaction of independent and competing players in different social situations. Game Theory helps you strategize your moves and through optimal decision making helps you reach the goal of competition or cooperation. Knowledge of Game Theory will capacitate you for optimal decision-making and resolve your everyday conflicts in the most efficient way possible either with the cooperation of the competing players or through their competition. For more details sign up and find out.

Is ilearn@IL our only passion? No. Since 2007, we have created space for individual ideas and innovation and amplified all citizens' voices. Don’t want to bore you so please click on Individualland.

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