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Our Online Course 2022

Creating Economic Opportunities through Media Information Literacy

Definitions of Information and Media Literacy

"Media and Information Literacy consists of the knowledge, the attitudes, and the sum of the skills needed to know when and what information is needed; where and how to obtain that information; how to evaluate it critically and organize it once it is found; and how to use it in an ethical way.”

The concept extends beyond communication and information technologies to encompass learning, critical thinking, and interpretative skills across and beyond professional and educational boundaries.For more information: Click Here

How Entrepreneurs Can Connect Innovation and Media Literacy

The economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have hindered opportunities for countless individuals across the globe. However, a group of young and innovative would-be entrepreneurs have found new opportunities to redefine success. Using the power of digitization and digital literacy, these new entrepreneurs are participating in the recovery of the global economy. For more information: Click here

Why Media Literacy is important for Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Digital literacy is an umbrella term that defines a large number of different skills that a modern entrepreneur should have. Since modern technology has deeply integrated into our lives, all people have to know how to use them. Being familiar with technology doesn’t mean creating documents and printing them with no hassle or surfing the Internet, looking for certain information. You need to know how to use different software, utilize portable devices, and configure them according to your needs. For more information: Click Here


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