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Outline for Online Course 2016

First Assignment: Transparency is the best Policy

Q1: What role citizens like us need to play in ensuring accountability and transparency at state level?

Q2: What does it mean by the “culture of openness”? Explain with the help of suitable local examples.

Second Assignment: Good Corruption?

Q1: According to the article “Many countries have experienced economic growth and development under what are widely considered corrupt, nepotistic regimes.” However, what is the moral obligation of voters when electing corrupt leaders?

Q2: With great power comes a great opportunity of corruption. Who should be held accountable; the one in power or those who elect them?

Third assignment: Accountability Comes From Within, Not Without

Q1: Accountability should be pro-active instead of reactive. Do you agree?

Q2: “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”- David Brin (a renowned writer). Comment on the statement.

Fourth Assignment: I Have the Right to Know!

Q1: What are the perks of taxpayers? If they are devoid of it; who will fix the issue? - State or the Citizens?

Q2: “Politicians often claim secrecy is necessary for good governance or national security” –Quoted by Heather Brooke. Are there any circumstances under which this statement could be justified?

Fifth Assignment: No Compromise on My Freedom of Speech

Q1: Cyber crime law is a tool for citizen’s accountability or a barrier to freedom of expression? Comment.

Q2: Thinking out loud in cyber space should be a fundamental right. Agree or not?


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