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Questions on Readings [Links have been shared with each]

Are Human Rights Universal?

Q1: Why did one critic in the 1970s fear that Human Rights might turn out to be a Trojan horse?

Q2: What does the term Hidden Agenda mean? Explain.

Liberalism and Secularism

Q1: Why is the return of religion to politics a serious challenge?

Q2: After the collapse of Communism, why did it seem that ideological politics would vanish forever

Human Rights

Q1: Why is there a failure of the international human rights legal regime?

Q2: The Human Rights legal regime has made human rights the common moral language of international relations, which has forced governments to take human rights seriously. Why?

Story of Human Rights

Q1: What does Magna Carta signify?

Q2: Does Human Rights really exist in the world? Explain


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