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Want to be a leader?

Every billboard, advertisement screams out this question. But we are not interested in your answer. We ask you: What is a leader? If everyone is a leader, then who is a follower? Why do we need these classifications?

We have been toying with these ideas with young adults since 2013. Not just this. Practical skills training is also part of our Leadership courses. Annually, around 300 plus young adults apply and start our leadership courses but soon the numbers start dropping after the 1st module. Yes, our courses are hard and only the toughest can make it to the top 15.

What is online/offline course?

The online-offline course is happening since last seven years, which has two parts:

Online Part

Online course is an Online Course that allows participants to take part in a quiz / competition without going to a class room. All a person needs to do is to open up the questions and modules on their computer screens, sit, understand question, do research and answer the questions of modules according to given instructions. There are no restrictions on methods of research. You can do research from anywhere, using internet, by quoting local and personal examples. Your answers can help you to qualify for the offline course, but please ensure no plagiarism, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Offline Part

The offline part of the course is based on training and capacity building of top 15 participants from the online part of the course. The training and capacity building program spans over a period of one week during which the participants are engaged to improve their communications and leadership skills. The offline course takes place in the picturesque valley of Murree where the participants are provided with the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life to spend some quality offline time.

Last date to apply for the online course: 15th Septmber, 2023

Online course will start from: 16th September, 2023

Who can apply?

From age 16 to 30

Modules and deadlines:

Each module contains 2,3 or 4 questions, and there are few days for each module. Submissions after deadline will not be entertained.

Online course 2023

The Innovative ChatGPT 4 and its impact on Digital Entrepreneurship and Online Revenue Generation Opportunities


Employing the Innovative ChatGPT 4 for your Online Business


Online Business Model Innovation


Online Digital Platforms and Digital Entrepreneurship


Digital Social Market Economy

Word limit for each question 300 to 500 Words.

After appearing in the online course, top 15 participants are selected and are allowed to participate in a week long offline course to be organized in the picturesque valley of Murree near Islamabad. Exact dates of the offline course will be shared once finalized.

Our Online Course 2022

Creating Economic Opportunities through Media Information Literacy

Definitions of Information and Media Literacy

"Media and Information Literacy consists of the knowledge, the attitudes, and the sum of the skills needed to know when and what information is needed; where and how to obtain that information; how to evaluate it critically and organize it once it is found; and how to use it in an ethical way.”

The concept extends beyond communication and information technologies to encompass learning, critical thinking, and interpretative skills across and beyond professional and educational boundaries.For more information: Click Here

How Entrepreneurs Can Connect Innovation and Media Literacy

The economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have hindered opportunities for countless individuals across the globe. However, a group of young and innovative would-be entrepreneurs have found new opportunities to redefine success. Using the power of digitization and digital literacy, these new entrepreneurs are participating in the recovery of the global economy. For more information: Click here

Why Media Literacy is important for Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Digital literacy is an umbrella term that defines a large number of different skills that a modern entrepreneur should have. Since modern technology has deeply integrated into our lives, all people have to know how to use them. Being familiar with technology doesn’t mean creating documents and printing them with no hassle or surfing the Internet, looking for certain information. You need to know how to use different software, utilize portable devices, and configure them according to your needs. For more information: Click Here


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“The 2022 Changla Gali Murree Boot Camp was a life-changing experience. I gained valuable skills in online revenue generation, digital entrepreneurship, fact-checking, and media literacy. Meeting talented peers and collaborating boosted my confidence in creating digital content. It's a constant source of motivation. ”
--Hasnain Gul--

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“The 2022 Changla Gali Murre Boot Camp by IL was an unforgettable experience that taught me valuable skills in online revenue generation, digital entrepreneurship, fact-checking, and media literacy. I connected with talented peers, enjoyed camaraderie, and gained confidence in public speaking through presentations and discussions. This incredible opportunity fueled my growth and left me eager for more, highlighting the power of uniting young talents to exchange ideas and thrive together.”
--Khadija Atta--

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“My journey through the 2022 Leadership Bootcamp was pure magic. Changla Gali welcomed me with open arms, a place like no other. Meeting folks from all corners of our diverse nation was a thrill ride. From deep conversations to delightful cuisine, from groovy music to unique fashion, every moment was a treasure. The learning was transformational, the ambiance enchanting. Time flew, and I wished for time travel. These memories are forever etched in my heart, cherished for life.”
--Ayesha Bint e Siraj--


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